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Help for Homeowners Community Events

Help for Homeowner Community Events

At our Help for Homeowners events, homeowners struggling to make their mortgage payments meet face-to-face with their servicers and HUD-approved housing counselors to explore foreclosure-prevention options and to move toward solutions to their mortgage problems.

Mark Your Calendar

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For more information or assistance, email Séan Bennett or call 202-622-2819.

Spread the Word to Homeowners in the Area

Encourage homeowners to participate in Help for Homeowners events:

  • Link to our Homeowner Events page and download the event flyer to share with others.
  • Spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Exhibit and Present

Homeowners struggling with their mortgages often need help in many areas of their financial lives. If your organization has resources to share and would like to exhibit or present information at our event, please contact Brad Dwin at Brad.Dwin@FSRoundtable.org or 202-589-1938.