Home Affordable Modification Program
Case Escalation

Case Escalation

If you believe that a servicer is incorrectly interpreting HAMP guidelines, there is a process in place to help you. Find out the best way to escalate your case so that you get an answer to your concerns.

Escalate the Case to Senior Management at the Servicer Shop

First, work through your normal contacts and channels with the servicer. If that does not resolve the issue, elevate your concern to a senior manager within the servicer's organization.

All servicers are required to have written procedures and personnel in place to provide timely and appropriate responses to homeowner inquiries and disputes that rise to the level of an “Escalated Case,” which include:

  • allegations that the servicer did not assess the homeowner for the applicable MHA Program(s) according to program guidelines;
  • inquiries regarding inappropriate program denials;
  • initiation or continuance of foreclosure actions in violation of program guidelines.

Contact the Appropriate Escalation Team

If escalating to the servicer's senior management does not resolve the issue, escalate the issue using the following contact table:

Investor Contact Information Additional Information
Non-GSE Loans HAMP Solution Center (HSC)
Phone: 1-866-939-4469
Fax: 1-240-699-3883
Fannie Mae Loans

Phone: 1-800-7FANNIE

Fannie Mae Loan Lookup
HomePath Short Sale Inquiry

Freddie Mac Loans

Phone: 1-800-FREDDIE Option 2

Freddie Mac Loan Lookup
FHA Loans FHA National Servicing Center
Phone: 1-877-622-8525
VA Loans Service Center
Phone: 1-877-827-3702
Loan Guaranty Home Loan Program
USDA Loans Centralized Servicing Center
Phone: 1-800-414-1226

Gather the necessary case information and homeowner consent.
If you are seeking assistance for a specific homeowner, you will be required to provide the escalation team with a written authorization from the homeowner authorizing the escalation team and the servicer to share the homeowner's personal financial information with you. The written homeowner authorization must be received by the escalation team before status information can be shared with you. Additional instructions are available as needed from the escalation team.

The information that a counselor will need to supply for case escalation includes the following:

What to Expect Next

Initial Contact

  • Servicer date stamps the file for tracking purposes upon receipt.
  • Servicers are not required to suspend a foreclosure sale when an Escalated Case is received on or after midnight of the seventh business day prior to the foreclosure sale date (Deadline). If an Escalated Case is received prior to the Deadline, the servicer must suspend the foreclosure sale as necessary to resolve the Escalated Case.
  • Servicers are not required to review substantially similar cases and substantially similar cases will not be deemed an Escalated Case. A substantially similar case is a case that pertains to the same homeowner and loan and is substantially similar to a previously resolved Escalated Case.

Servicer Acknowledgement

  • The servicer acknowledges the Requestor's Escalated Case in writing via e-mail, fax or mail within five business days of receipt.
  • The servicer will provide the Requestor and the homeowner:
    • Case reference name or number.
    • Date by which the servicer will resolve the Escalated Case and provide a response (Resolution Date).
    • A toll-free escalation phone number at the servicer.
  • The Resolution Date may not exceed 30 calendar days from the date the inquiry was received by the servicer.

Servicer Review

  • Servicer reviews Escalated Case against the information and documentation in their system of record and data reported to the HAMP Reporting Tool to determine the accuracy of the inquiry and reach a resolution.
  • Servicer reviews or recalculates the HAMP modification waterfalls and NPV testing if the evidence submitted by the homeowner is valid and material to the NPV outcome.

Servicer Resolution and Notification

  • The servicer determines whether a change in the original determination is warranted and identifies a proposed resolution.
  • The servicer documents the proposed resolution in the servicing system of record including the date resolution was reached.
  • The servicer, within 10 business days of identifying a proposed resolution, communicates the proposed resolution and next steps in writing to the Requestor and the homeowner.
  • If the case was referred by HSC, the servicer may not consider the case resolved unless HSC concurs with the proposed resolution, with evidence of this concurrence retained in the servicing file.