Home Affordable Modification Program
Home Affordable Unemployment Program: Overview

Home Affordable Unemployment Program: Overview

The Home Affordable Unemployment Program (UP) provides servicers with the flexibility to provide assistance to borrowers whose hardship is related to unemployment and is a supplemental program to the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). Specifically, UP requires servicers to grant qualified unemployed borrowers a forbearance period during which a borrower's monthly mortgage payment may be reduced or suspended prior to considering such borrowers for HAMP.

MHA Handbook & Guidance | Program Overview

MHA Handbook and Guidance

Making Home Affordable Handbook v5.2
The MHA Handbook may be updated periodically to include additional guidance on related programs.
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Program Overview

  • MHA Third Party Authorization Form

  • Borrowers should use the form to provide authorization to third parties including but not limited to: the MHA Support Centers (HSC and MHA Help), attorneys, housing counselors, non-borrower family members, servicers, Housing Finance Agencies and any other non-borrower individuals or groups assisting the borrower with their loan modification, to provide and discuss the borrowers’ personal information. Servicers, subject to applicable law, must accept the form.
    (Last Updated: January 22, 2014 )
  • Model Letter for Simultaneous UP Forbearance Plan

  • For loans that have been referred to foreclosure prior to an UP evaluation, servicers use this form (or their own form with a similar level of specificity) to explain to borrowers the concurrent forbearance and foreclosure processes.