Home Affordable Modification Program
Home Affordable Modification Program: Servicer Documents

HAMP Servicer Documents

HAMP Reporting Tool Release Notes and data reporting resources, including archives, can be found in the Loan Reporting Documents section.

+ MHA Handbook and SD Guidance

The MHA Handbook is a consolidated reference guide outlining the requirements and guidelines for the Making Home Affordable (MHA) Program for non-GSE mortgages. The current version of the MHA Handbook replaces and supersedes all Supplemental Directives (SDs), related frequently asked questions (FAQs) and waivers, with the exception of SD 11-06, 11-07, portions of 11-08 that are effective on 10/15/2011 and 11-10. Previous SDs can now be found in the Archives tab on the Program Guidance page.

Making Home Affordable Handbook v3.3 - The MHA Handbook will be updated periodically to include additional guidance on related programs.

Access the MHA Handbook v3.3 on AllRegs - Open to subscribing and non-subscribing AllRegs customers.
Please note: There may be a time delay for new MHA Handbook publication updates to appear in the AllRegs Library.

Supplemental Directives listed below are not incorporated, unless otherwise stated, in the current version of the MHA Handbook.

+ Servicer Participation Agreement

Template of the agreement servicers must sign to participate in HAMP, 2MP, Treasury FHA-HAMP, RD-HAMP or FHA2LP for loans that are not owned, securitized or guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

+ Income Calculation Worksheet

    Income Calculation Worksheet
    Servicers may use the income calculation worksheet for documenting their analyses, assumptions and calculations related to determining monthly gross income.

+ Escalated Case Documents

    Servicer Case Acknowledgement Form
    Servicers must submit this form to MHA Help/HSC within five business days of receipt of an escalated case from MHA Help/HSC.
    (Last Updated: August 16, 2011 )
    Servicer Case Resolution Form
    Servicers must submit this form to MHA Help/HSC when a case has been reviewed in accordance with the applicable MHA Program guidelines and the servicer proposes a resolution requiring concurrence.
    (Last Updated: July 28, 2011 )
    Servicer Template Guide
    Detailed instructions on how to correctly complete and submit the Servicer Case Acknowledgment and Servicer Case Resolution forms.

+ HAMP Checklists for Non-GSE Servicers

These checklists help mortgage servicers track their progress -- from getting started in the Home Affordable Modification Program through servicing the loan following execution of the modification, for mortgage loans that are not owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

+ NPV Model Documents

    NPV Model Overview
    The NPV Overview describes an illustrative base NPV model that meets the specifications put forward under the Making Home Affordable Program.
    (Last Updated: June 11, 2009 )
    Base NPV Model Documentation v4.03
    Analytical framework and equations for the Home Affordable Modification Program base NPV model. Base NPV Model Documentation v4.03 is effective beginning September 30, 2011.
    (Last Updated: September 1, 2011 )

+ Annual Servicer Certification

+ HAMP Compensation Matrix

This matrix provides a summary of servicer, investor, and borrower compensation by program. Frequency, payee/beneficiary, amounts, and timing are provided, as well as the data attributes used for each calculation.

    HAMP Compensation Matrix - Effective October 2011
    NEW Updated to reflect the changes to servicer incentives as detailed in Supplemental Directive 11-06: Making Home Affordable Program - Updates to Servicer Incentives. Effective for any HAMP loan with a Trial Period Plan Effective Date of 10/1/11 or greater. No other MHA program incentives will be impacted.